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The Ledge

The Ledge


This elegant floating shelf made from European Birch works in any room. The lower sweeping curve creates an organic flow to the shelf top which provides plenty of space to display or store items.


The Ledge was inspired by its name sake, a well known rock shelf that juts out from Cecil Peak overlooking Lake Wakatipu towards Queenstown. The Ledge has become a much desired location for elopments and weddings and when access is by helicopter only, it makes for a very special landmark and memory.


As this type of shelf is generally required for a specific location we will make the shelf to your specifed length. Please note the prices for the various length  segments listed and that we can make the shelf shorter or longer than the sizes shown. We ask that if you are interested in this product that you contact us directly via email or phone to place your order.


All shelves come with a hiden wall mounting bracket made to specifically fit your shelf length and the associated hardware required to install the shelf.